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Front Garden 2007
Posted: 06/12/07

This is our Weeping Arctic Pussy Willow.
There are also some shrubs and flowers growing in front of the house.

A close-up of the tree shows the fuzzy little pussy willows.

After some time they puff out and pollinate.

The Wife also planted Morning Glory from seed.
Here you can see they are growing and now in need of string to guide them.

The Weeping Willow is turning green
And, almost all of the fuzzy pussy willows have dropped off the tree.

However, in this close-up you can still see a couple on this wet day.

It's a good thing The Wife put up the string for her Morning Glory.
They are definitely climbing.

Front Garden 2007
Posted: 07/08/07

The Willow is doing great.
The shrubs, flowers, and weeds are also doing well.

The Wife's Morning Glory's are ready to wrap around the porch columns.

The Wife loves the Wild Daisies that are growing on the land.
When we finally complete a couple of ongoing projects, she will replant them all in front here.

The original evergreens planted on the ends of the house did not make it through the winter.
We have replaced them with these Yucca.