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Fruit Trees 2007
Posted: 04/30/07

All five trees in the ground, but kind of looking like twigs.

The Wife likes to bake, so she chose to have a Cortland Apple tree for pies.

I prefer the tartness of Granny Smith apples, hence my Granny Smith Apple tree.

The Wife enjoys nectarines, so she I surprised her with a Mericrest Nectarine tree.

I prefer peaches over nectarines, so I chose this Redhaven Peach tree.

I eat much more fruit than The Wife, so this Santa Rosa Plum tree is MINE!

Here is a fuzzy top of a Cortland Apple branch.

And, the fuzzy tip of a Granny Smith Apple branch sprouting leaves.

Here are the buds for the Mericrest Nectarine blooms that will soon arrive.

The baby leaves and flowers are growing all over the Redhaven Peach tree.

Similar to the nectarine tree, the Santa Rosa Plum tree is beginning to bud.

Fruit Trees 2007
Posted: 06/12/07

Here you can see a few flowers bloomed on the Mericrest Nectarine tree.

This is a close-up of the blooms.

Here is my Santa Rosa Plum with a few leaves on top.

And, of course, it's blooming flowers.

It began to rain as I went out to take these pictures.
The Wife's Cortland Apple tree has it's leaves.

My Granny Smith Apple tree with it's green leaves ...

... and blooming flowers.

The Mericrest Nectarine tree with a few leaves scattered about.

The Redhaven Peach tree has it's leaves, but has dropped it's flowers already.

All of the flowers on my Santa Rosa Plum tree have fallen off as well.

Ohhh, and some plums beginning to grow.

Here are some nectarines growing on a sunny day.

And, the plums are getting bigger.

Ahhh, a picture of the grove in it's state of green.

Fruit Trees 2007
Posted: 07/08/07

The Santa Rosa Plums continue to grow.
The damage to the leaves are from an organic pest control; it burnt holes in the leaves.