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December 2006 - Present

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May - September 2006

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May - September 2006

House Building: Exterior
May - September 2006

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May 2006

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House Building (Exterior)
May 2006 - September 2006

We really love the way the windows turned out in the Family Room over the Garage.
Also, the wall facing the backyard has windows almost the whole length of the wall.

Can't get into the house through the Garage anymore, as the Garage door is in place.

Here's a shot standing in our future driveway.
Can you see the well?
It's that pipe coming out of the ground with the silvery cap between the shadow and the pile of dirt.

In the back of the house is the beginnings of our deck.

Here's a shot of the septic tank in place, but not connected.
This was taken from the back door of the walk out basement.

Another angle of the septic system.
The space to the right of the tank has all been excavated for the leach field.

The deck off the Breakfast area is finished ... well sorta.
They need to finish the supports and pour concrete under the deck for a small patio-like area.

Back to the septic system.
This shot was taken from up on the back deck.

Yes, another shot of the septic system.
Here, they are continuing to fill and level the area before the inspection.

We were a bit shocked to see our builder actually doing some work.
Well, other than supervising.
He is building our retaining wall.
Yes, next to the steps leading from the driveway to the front path.

This is the completed wall.

Here is a shot toward the driveway from the front porch.
We wanted boulders on the inside curve of our driveway.
Not as big as we wanted, but we got 'em.
The boulders will look great with lawn and some flowers planted around them.

I have taken lots of pictures from the street facing the house.
Here is one from the front porch looking over our front yard to the street.

On the utility side of the house a hole is being dug.
This is the bunker for the 500 gallon propane tank.

Yes, it's going to be buried.
Why would I want to look at it?.

Only half of the digging was completed when I left.

The tank was placed in the final hole.

It is waiting for a pressure test by the gas company.

The pressure test is complete.
Now the whole thing needs to be inspected before it can be filled in.

Stepping back, now a view of the back corner of the house with all of the utilities can be seen.

Yes, as seen in the above picture, the AC units are almost completely installed.
They were actually being installed at the time this picture was taken.

The septic system has been covered.
So, the backyard is shaping up; well, except for the huge pile of dirt in the middle of it.

It's a bit difficult to see well, but the lights outside on the deck and under the deck are in place.

I hate how rain and snow drips between the cracks of a deck and erodes the dirt underneath.
So, I am having concrete poured under the deck outside the Basement.
Remember, the Basement will eventually be my Office/Studio when we get around to finishing it.
It'll be nice to be able to walk out an get some fresh air without standing in dirt.

In the front yard, the path to the porch is framed for concrete as well.

A good look at the front doorway reveals the lights framing the door and the Foyer light.
This shot gives a bit more perspective of the house; the Kitchen can be seen at the end of the hall.
Yes, the shutters were also installed recently. Their true color is Bordeaux.

The propane tank bunker is now filled with mason sand and ready to be backfilled.

Thrilling pictures huh?.

There are a couple of reasons why I have so many pictures of this bunker.
One is to document everything for any future issues with the town, since it had to be inspected.
This way, the town can see everything that was done, was done properly.
Also, the excavator, the guy in the picture, keeps a photo album of all his work.
So, he gets copies of all of these.

This might look like the final picture of the propane tank bunker, but it's not.
Eventually, I'll have more as the landscape becomes more complete

One of the last things to be done to the property; the driveway is being laid.

It's a long driveway, so they have a ways to go.

It's also nice and wide.

What is really going to be nice is the section on the other side of the path to the steps.
This little offshoot will allow us to turn the cars around and will provide space for guest parking.

Labor Day weekend and the driveway is finished.
Yes, it is quite long.
That is why I will have a riding lawn mower with a snow thrower on the front for the winters.

Yes, the concrete under the deck turned out well.
We shouldn't have problems with the dripping of rain or melting snow causing erosion underneath.

The backyard where the septic system was laid is now groomed and ready for us to seed for lawn.
We will be marking the location for the garden sometime after we move in next week.

There was fair warning above.
Here is another picture of the completed propane tank bunker.

Here is a nice view of the groomed front yard.
It also shows the distance away from the closest neighbors (well, once somebody buys the house).

As seen in the previous picture, the front path is finished.

The front door was painted to match the shutters.