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December 2006 - Present

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May - September 2006

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May - September 2006

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May - September 2006

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May 2006

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House Building (Front View)
May 2006 - September 2006

The foundation to the house.
The images of the house will be taken from the road.
They will be taken as close to the same angle as possible.

This is the ceiling to the basement or the floor to the main level of the house.
You can also see how green everything starts to get in the spring.

The first floor is up!

The Wife and I were able to watch the walls for the second floor go up.
The crew enjoyed having an audience.

The crew couldn't stand around all day to wave, so they continued to erect the walls.

The base of the roof is up and the house is starting to really take shape.
There are stairs going both up to the second level and down to the basement.
Each room is clearly defined inside the framing at this point.

The shingles are going up.
Here they are over the family room and garage.

The back of the house is completely shingled.
As you can see the front is under way.
There are even a few windows installed on the front of the house.

The supports for the workers are still on the roof.
However, the shingles are all up.
Oh, the plumber started and has the drainage system piped throughout the place.
And the tub/shower stalls are in place.

Notice the supports for the workers are almost all down.
Just a couple left over the Family Room/Garage section.
The duct work for the heating/cooling system has begun.
The attic houses one of the two air handlers.

The trim to the house is up.
Yes, and the guys are starting on the siding.
It looks like the plumber has almost finished the piping.
Also, the duct work for the heating/cooling system is all in place.

About one third of the siding is up.
The basement is now home to the furnace, hot water tank, and air handler.
We met with the electrician three days before this picture was taken.
Now almost all the wiring is done.

The framing started for the front porch.
Below the porch and to the right of the door, the well line runs into the basement.

The porch is up and just needs some steps and finishing touches.
The front door is on the house.
We can no longer get in without calling ahead and arriving while the workers are there.

Not a great deal of difference from the previous shot like this, but there are now front steps.
Oh, and I wish they'd stop parking on my front yard. Haha!

I needed a picture of the house from the original angle now that the shutters are in place.

The front yard is groomed and all outside work is now complete.