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May - September 2006

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May - September 2006

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May - September 2006

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House Building (Interior)
May 2006 - September 2006

I wasn't going to post interior pictures, but changed my mind, so here are a few.
This is taken from the Laundry Room door looking through the Kitchen.
The sliding glass door is the Breakfast Room.
Beyond is the Family Room.

This is taken from the Family Room looking the other way.
The first doorway on the left is the Library.
The second doorway is the hall to the 1/2 bath and front door.
The third doorway is the Dining Room.
And, the dark doorway on the wall straight ahead is the Laundry Room.

Here's a shot from the Breakfast Room looking into the Family Room.
We found out two days ago that the builder tiles around the fireplace.
So, we had to go out and choose tile again.
We are really tired of making decisions like that.
I know, I know, it'll be worth it.

These are the windows facing the backyard from the Family Room.

And, the windows facing the front yard.

Kitchen cabinets are up.
That is The Wife's desk on the left next to the Library doorway.

I know it's kind of a dark picture, but here is a shot from inside the Kitchen.

Ah, the Master Bath cabinetry.
Each side is a four foot section.
The tiles make the size deceiving. They are 18x18, not 12x12.

This is a really bad picture.
I shot it from the upstairs hallway looking into the Master Bath.
You can see a partial of the shower/tub on the left.
Also, there is a partial of the cabinetry from the above picture.
The window is in the enclosed toilet area.

Here is a look at the Guest Bath.
It is really difficult to get a good shot of the room from the upstairs hallway.

It's also tough from inside the shower/tub.

From the top of the stairs the hardwood installation is looking good.

Standing in the doorway to the Kitchen from the Entry Hall.
The hardwood meets up with the tiled Laundry Room.

From the Breakfast area looking into the Library.
There is half of The Wife's desk.

The guys installing the hardwood.
This picture has some funky light refraction going on.

I almost forgot to get a picture of this.
The raw mantle and the beginnings of the tiling around the fireplace.

Inside the Basement, the exhaust for the furnace is being installed.
Lots of duct work in the ceiling.
The big white-ish cabinet on the right is an air handler.
It blows the heated or cooled air through the Basement and the main level of the house.
There is an air handler in the attic for the second floor of the house.

Here is a view up to the Kitchen from the Basement.
Yes, most of the lights have been installed.

The same angle of the Kitchen as before.
The lights in the Breakfast area and the Kitchen are the same style.
The base coat of paint has been applied.
It is difficult to really get a sense of the color due to the current lighting.

A new angle to show off where the sink is going to be located when the countertop is installed.

It is impossible to see the color in the Library/Media room; it is wine, not black.
We love the design of the light we bought for the room.

Here is picture of a room not shown yet; the Dining room.
We were informed that we were getting the chair rail and crown molding last week.
Yes, we had no clue, and were very pleased to hear about it.
This light was a change from our original choice. We are much happier with this one.

The tile has been placed around the fireplace, just not grouted yet.

The hardwood floors have their first coat of polyurethane.
The wall color shows a tad better in this picture, but again only the base coat.
The smoke detectors are all installed too.

A look down the stairs reveals that work is still being done.
The baseboard in the stairway was being worked on when the picture was taken.

Another new picture.
This is the upstairs hallway looking from the Craft room toward the Master Bedroom.

The light was a bit better for this shot of the Guest Bath from the hallway.
Woohoo! Toilets. I never thought I'd be so thrilled about plumbing.

Here I am in the bathtub again trying to get a good picture of the vanity with the faucet in place.

Another picture that doesn't really show the beauty of the light or the room.
Maybe when the carpet is in place, the Master Bedroom will look better.

With the red paper covering the tile in the Master Bathroom, the wall color really looks terrible.
Trust me, it really does look pretty.
Yes, another toilet.

I know the Master Bathroom mirrors really don't belong in the tub.
However, until the final coat of paint is up, that's where they live.

The mantle is installed.
It needs painting.
The tile still needs to be grouted.

The carpet is being laid.
We chose gray for the stairway and upstairs to hide the Dustie the Cat fur.

Looking up the stairway, the hallway closet can be seen.
The shelving has been installed as well.

I thanked the installer for completing the giant cat scratcher.
Our hand rail is also installed.
There will be one on the other wall going all the way up.
They will have a clear coat finish.

Back upstairs and looking down the hallway at the carpet being installed.
Ooh, look, the door handles are installed too!

The Master Bedroom has the padding in place, waiting to be carpeted.

The lights are up in the Master Bathroom.
The light shades are designed to look like little towels.
They are very fragile, and don't attach, just sit in place over the lights.

The day before the carpet was being installed, our appliances were delivered.
The Kitchen countertops and microwave were installed the next day (same day as the carpet).
The countertops are Silestone; basically a Quartz surface.

After the closing, we went to the house with a load of belongings and to take some more pictures.
Everything in the house is now complete.
We will leave that stupid red paper down to protect the floors until we arte all moved in.

The stove with double oven looks great under the microwave.
The dishwasher isn't white, it's stainless steel.
The white is just the protective covering.
Also, we love the look of the drawer and cabinet pulls we chose; so sleek and clean looking.

Our new refrigerator.
The freezer is the drawer on the bottom.
We love the idea of having water and ice on the door again.

Here is a room you haven't seen.
The Laundry room with the new washer and cabinet dryer.
The laundry tub will be great for washing Dustie the Cat...shhhh, don't tell her.

This is not much in the way of a picture of the Living Room.
The purpose of the picture is to show the colors of the walls and the carpet next to the hardwood.
They really look better in person.

The Wife allowed me to get the ceiling fan I really liked.
The stacked blades rotate in opposite directions.
Also, it's remote controlled with dimmer and three fan speeds.

This picture shows how well the carpet, wall color and tile around the fireplace work together.
There is a slight touch of green in the tile..
We are thrilled to see our choices in materials and color did in fact work well together.

Here you can see how the carpet looks when fully installed in the upstairs Hallway.

And in the Master Bedroom.

The last items installed in the house; the Master Bathroom countertop, sinks, and faucets.
We are so pleased to see this complete.
My side the the right with the faucet on the left, and her's is the left with the faucet on the right.

Due to the size of the sinks, we couldn't place the faucets in the traditional location.
The end result with the faucet on one side and the controls on the other looks great.

The Wife gets a towel ring on her side.
There wasn't any room on my side due to the light switchs and the door.
No biggie. I typically just leave a hand towel folded on my side of the sink anyway.