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Neighborhood Wildlife

Remember the flying squirrel from the wood burning stove?
This is not the only kind in the neighborhood.

There is of course the typical neighborhood squirrel.

Which used to like to run across the fence, but the fallen tree has put an end to that.

This bluebird seems to like to walk, not fly.

There are plenty of little crevices in the rocks for this little chipmunk to call home.

There is even plenty of lawn for this frog to enjoy in the morning dew.

This grasshopper seems to enjoy the warmth of our recently resurfaced driveway.

This Turkey Vulture was having brunch as we were on our way to McLaughlin Vineyard last week.

Lastly, there are lots of deer in the area, but I had trouble getting a picture of them,
so this picture I took of a friendly giraffe will have to work as a substitute.
BTW, this picture is kept on our fridge, I didn't go hunting for it.