Nothing Much
Saturday, 02/26/05 @ 9:05am
I really have nothing to say, but didn't want you to think I was starting to slack off again with regard to my site, so I am posting.

Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot to write about, because all I have been occupied with is schoolwork for the past couple of days. I still have about 20+ pages to read, 2 extra credit assignments to do, a review exam to take, and 2 or so discussions to take part in. I want to see if I can get the extra credit work and one discussion response done today.

Seeing as it is Saturday, and The Wife works today and tomorrow, I'd like to finish everything tomorrow, so I will just have to check the school website a few times on vacation and take the final when I get home.

So, that's that, school is occupying my time and we leave for vacation in 4 days. There will probably be only one more post before vacation, then none while away.

Eye Popping
Wednesday, 02/23/05 @ 1:20pm
I keep thinking of Kill Bill 2 since my eyes hurt from reading so much these past few days. I have a fear my eyes will fall out and I'll be walking barefoot, then *SQUISH* right between the toes. Sorry, that was one of the best scenes in the movie.

Back to my eyes... I think I need to go see the eye guy about them when we return from vacation. I have been having serious problems focusing while reading lately. Then the other night The Wife leaned forward to kiss me and ack! all was blurry. She thinks I might need reading glasses. I thought men got better with age like fine wines. Guess that doesn't include their eyes.

Anyway, it's all because I'm cramming so much reading and writing in so little time. Trying to get everything done in time for the vacation is a real pain in the ass. I still have about 100+ pages to read, 2 cases to read, 2 assignments to do, 2 extra credit assignments to do, a review exam to take, and 5 or so discussions to take part in. Let's see, today is Wednesday, and we leave one week from today, so that's 7 days. However, the wife is off work tonight and tomorrow, so I will most likely take a break.

Okay, enough of my complaining, I need to eat some lunch and get another assignment done.

Sunday, 02/20/05 @ 3:55pm
That's right folks, it's no longer New Years!

It's called a lack of inspiration, or maybe a lack of desire, or maybe a preoccupation with something else. Whatever, it is called, hopefully it is gone for a while now. We'll just have to wait and see.

It's not like I was writing for hundreds or even tens of people, but for those few dedicated to come back day after day, and week after week, checking to see if there was an update to the site...Thank you!

Although there is not anything updated but this Journal and the old page archived, I intend to get some new work done soon. It'll probably be a couple weeks though. Right now I need to concentrate this week on school. I need to get two weeks of work done in one week. Then it's off to the land of colorful cocktail umbrellas and white sandy beaches. Once back from the Bahamas, I hope to install my music software again and write more music.

So, let's just leave it at that...I'm back, but will be only sporadically for the next two weeks, then hopefully back to business as usual.

Have a good week!