Yes Still Alive - Long Post
Saturday, 04/23/05 @ 10:45am
I know it has been a long time since I posted here and I know I said I was going to try and start posting more regularly, but it just hasn't occurred. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because of my lack of enthusiasm for the site, maybe it's because I have lots of distractions in my life right now, and maybe it's because I just don't know what to write about. Whatever the reason, I just haven't been posting. Obviously.

Well, today I guess I just want to make sure that something gets put up on the site and we'll just see what comes out of me. Again, let's start with the same headings I have used the last couple of times.

I was not positive how well I did in my class from March, Real Estate Law. The grades came out a couple of days ago and I did manage to have the highest grade in the class and was awarded the Certificate of Distinction again. That's 4 of 6 courses that I have been awarded such distinction. That certainly makes me happy. The course this month is approaching the last week and I am feeling really good about it even though I had some reservations about how well I'd do. Legal Research & Writing appears to be a relatively easy course for me, but I have been putting in a great deal of time on it. I am working hard to try and get the Certificate of Distinction again. Obviously I will not know for sure until the grades come out, but I think I'm right on track. Next month is a course on Estates & Trusts. I have no clue how this area of law will interest me. We'll just have to see.

The Landlord came by the other day after I placed a call to him that the front porch light wasn't working. He must think I'm stupid because his first question to me was, "did you change the light bulb?" Little does he know he's the fucking stupid person. He finally pulled the light off the wall and attached a light socket with two wires and taped it up with electrical tape and said "that'll do. It's not going anywhere. At least you have light now." Okay, fine, it's his house, but he's still a moron. To my surprise, he came back the next day and actually replaced the the socket with a fixture. He's such a cheap bastard. Then he proceeded to mow the lawn. Now he doesn't pull out a lawn mower, he walks throughout the yard with a weed-whacker cutting the lawn down. Well, he really pissed The Wife off when he purposefully cut down her perennials with the damn thing. Argh! Stupid people! They were just getting ready to bloom too. The Mother-in-law was the one that planted them, so The Wife will be digging them up when we finally move.

Since the perennials were up and about to bloom, I don't have to tell you how things are getting nice and green all around the house. With the great weather we have been having, The Wife and I are trying to take a walk every day she is off work. When she works the weekends, she gets home before dark, so we try to walk on those days as well. Unfortunately it's raining today, so I think tonight's walk will be cancelled. Our doctor will be happy to hear that we have finally started to do some form of exercise.

Dustie the Cat
She has been pissing me off recently. She won't stop meowing sometimes during the day because she wants to go outside. Well, "tough titty kitty! You're an indoor cat." Sure, she can go out on the balcony and occasionally on the porch when I go out, but she's surely mistaken if she thinks she is going to have free reign of the yard. Final note on the cat is that she is going to be shaved again soon before the fur starts getting all matted again. Probably this week.

I haven't really played much of Ultima 9 recently, but I am over three quarters of the way done. I have kept up on my Pogo playing though. And, I'm still very interested in playing an AD&D game.

I will be eliminating this section next time since they are now behind us. However, I still might mention them from time to time with regard to the panel President Bush put together under some kind of miscellaneous section. As for $$$ these days...well, money comes in, bills get paid, money goes out. We are going to be morally, ethically, and factually out of credit card debt within a couple of weeks. It was at a cost to us personally, but in the end we should be better off.

Stupid People and Businesses
I don't know if this section will stay, but....
I have been on edge for several days and I have no idea why. I get angry at the drop of a hat, feel like crap, and hate people and businesses in general. People and businesses are just so fucking stupid it boggles my mind. For example, Cablevision didn't send me a bill in March. So, I called them and heard a recording that said I paid my bill. Um, no I didn't "can you please tell me what method of payment was used?" Of course they can't, it's Customer Service and they don't have access to that information. Billing has that information. "Can you please transfer me?" Of course not, it's Customer Service and they don't have that ability. "Can you please give me the number to call to speak with Billing?" Of course not, it's Customer Service and they are not allowed to give out that information. So, I call the corporate offices of Cablevision and ask the receptionist to connect me with Billing. Um, she transferred me to Customer Service. I call back and tell her not to transfer me to Customer Service, and let her know why I want to talk with Billing. "Customer Service handles all billing, you need to speak with them." I then ask to be transferred to a place to file a formal complaint with the company. She connects me to a voice mail. Okay, by now I'm really pissed off and leave a very angry message.

Remember a couple years back I had trouble with this company and so I contacted the VP of Customer Service? I found the phone number and dialed. They were very understanding and connected me to somebody that could help. Or at least thought could help. I explained everything for the umpteenth time and was asked, "did you contact your bank to see if they paid the bill?" What part of my account balances with my check book these people don't understand frustrates me even more. Finally, I tell them I will double check with my bank and that Cablevision should begin an investigation too.

Two days later I call and leave a message for a call back. I get a call the next day and inform them that my bank made no such payment. She tells me that it was paid by check. Okay, "made on what bank?" Of course she can't answer that on the spot, she didn't ask for that information. I told her that I want her to get answers and respond to me within 24 hours or I am canceling my service with them. I also informed her that I will not be paying for the error when they finally do track it down after going though all this hassle in trying to make a payment to them.

I get a call then next day and she informs me that my next door neighbor received and paid my bill by mistake. Uh, stupid fucking people. Can't they read the mail was addressed to me? Can't they see the bill is for a different dollar amount than what they normally pay? Can't they tell that they paid the cable company twice that month? Anyway, The Wife says I should give them our other bills from now on, the cable company gave me that month free, and I swear people and businesses are fucking stupid.

So that's the update on my life. I could go on about stupid people and businesses since more has occurred over the past two weeks in that regard, but I won't bore you all with those kinds of stories.

Two Weeks Later . . .
Wednesday, 04/06/05 @ 5:55pm
Okay, so it has been another two weeks since I have posted on the site. Fine. Shoot me!

I'll be pretty brief here today, but once again use the same categories I used the last couple of times.

The courses are either getting more difficult or my attention span with the material just isn't holding well. Whatever the case may be, Real Estate Law is done and the new flavor of the month is Legal Research & Writing. Oh joy, more and more writing. LOL

With the great new weather, well actually we had lots of rain over the past two weeks, but the past couple of days have been amazingly beautiful with the sun shining and temps in the mid 60s. Today, The Wife and I took my car out for errands and then did a bit of cleaning outside the house, like in the garage with the door open and the sun pouring in. We took down the insulation we put over the windows to help keep the house warm in the winter, so now the sun comes in through the windows too! I replaced the storm window on the front door with the screen and The Wife washed the front door. And, we finally replaced three burnt out light bulbs.

Dustie the Cat
Um, still a spoiled little bundle of fuzz that whines and runs, terrorizing her toys (or illusionary mice).

EverQuest in any form no longer exists on my computer. I spent a couple afternoons in EverQuest 1 handing out coinage. I would send a tell to a character below level 40 and ask them where they were because I had a gift for them. I then would give them 5,000 platinum and tell them to enjoy it and put it to good use. Then, poof, I was gone. I did that with about 75 to 80k. I cancelled my account with Sony. I installed an older single player RPG, Ultima 9. I am currently just over a third of the way through it. I almost forgot how much I love single player games. However, a good old fashioned game of AD&D would be a blast.

All paid, and waiting for our returns.

So that's the haps here. Time to read before dinner. Later.