My Turn For Stress
Thursday, 05/26/05 @ 4:40pm
The Wife had her splint removed from her nose yesterday. She's had a couple of nose bleeds and seems a bit uncomfortable from time to time, but can breath a better. Time will tell if this recent operation takes care of a multitude of issues.

Dustie the Cat's pupils were different dilations Tuesday morning. I was a tad concerned, but thought it best to give her 24 hours to see if they would self-correct. Wednesday morning they appeared to have returned to being the same dilation, however, one of the irises was orangish in color. Out of concern for her health, I made an appointment with the vet. The bill today came to over $500 and now we have to visit an optical center for pets. There are a variety of possibilities that I won't get into now. I'll keep you informed after we do see the specialist. Unfortunately, the two we were referred to seem to be booked for the next 2 to 3 weeks. *sigh* I am still trying to get an appointment before Wednesday. Oh, and now I have to give her .625 mg of Norvasc daily due to increased blood pressure.

My current class, Wills, Estates, and Trusts, is in the last week, so it's time to take the final exam and write out the final essay. I'm sure I'll do okay, but it just adds to the stress level for me.

I so need a vacation from these types of things. We were trying to plan a vacation for the 4th of July weekend, but had to put it off due to The Wife's work schedule. Now, I need to see what kind of costs we are going to incur for Dustie the Cat.

June is going to be a hectic month with trying to locate a house to move into by August 1st. And, beside the possible vacation in July, we will need to pack for the move.

Well, so much for the ease of life.

The Nose Knows
Thursday, 05/19/05 @ 11:50am
Okay today was the day of The Wife's operation. She has been having trouble breathing and sleeping, so the doctor performed a septoplasty on her this morning.

Basically he trimmed down the septum and shaved a bit off her tubinates. The tubinate swell and cause difficulty in her breathing and contribute to her snoring. The septum was a bit twisted and also contributed to both the difficulty breathing and snoring.

Now she has a splint in her nose holding the septum straight and she's packed with gauze.

Tomorrow I take her to the doctor's office to have the packing removed. The result of this is an intense sensation of pressure released from the head. It's as if you are surfacing to the top of water from 20 feet below in an instant. The ears pop and everything seems clearer than before. Oh, I know this, because I have gone through it in the past. Then on Wednesday the splint is removed.

So, basically, I am playing nurse for the next few days. Making sure she takes her pain medication, changing the gauze on the outside today, making sure she eats, and that Dustie the Cat doesn't get up on the bed or near The Wife during this time of recovery.

More to come when I have the chance.

Shocked, Stunned, Surprised, and Flabbergasted
Tuesday, 05/10/05 @ 5:03pm
This might eventually sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but I just have to share with you 4 or 6 people what happened a few minutes ago.

I have been waiting for my final essay score from my class last month (Legal Research and Writing). I have been worrying about the possible score on the essay because I didn't feel I answered the third part thoroughly. I felt like I was missing a lot in my explanation. Based on each of the three sections being worth 25 points, I was estimating a score on the final essay of about 58 to 62. Adding that to my 25/25 for the final quiz, I would have 83 to 87 on the final exam.

Well, here's the final essay comments and score I just received less than 30 minutes ago:

WOW! Excellent job on your format and your answers were very thorough and covered all of the questions and issues! Congratulations!
Essay 75/75
etest 25/25
final grade: 100!!!

I am shocked, to say the least. I had no idea I had the third section nailed down that tight. One of the things I have been learning about the law is that, like any research, you have to know when you have exhausted the resource(s) and call it quits. I must have actually had all the information there was on the subject for the third section and just didn't know when to quit.

Anyway, now I'll toot my horn, this score means I have received a perfect score on every assignment, quiz, extra credit, final, and discussion question, except one. Discussion question 3 during the second week I only got 8/10. However, the extra credit was worth 5 points, so I have excess of 3 points for my grade. I am assured an A+. Now I just wait until she posts the grades with the school to learn if I took the Certificate of Distinction. I think I did, but they are not based on grades alone.

I'll keep you informed.

Busy Morning
Monday, 05/09/05 @ 2:40pm
This morning was quite busy. Woke around 8am, The Wife left for a doctor's appointment while I did some reading for school. When she got back, we headed out to the garage with determination. We cleaned and organized the garage. It is now the least cluttered and most organized room in our house. We know what items we will try to sell before we move and the garbage truck is going to drool when it comes by on Friday morning.

Additionally, we talked with a friend who will be sending the "house for rent" section of newspapers in the area we want to move, so we can start to get an idea of pinpointing the location and potential costs.

Later we are going to try and set a June schedule for day trips to the area we intend to look for a house. Our hope is to locate a place before July 1st, so that we can schedule a move by August 1st.

Lastly, we are still trying to secure time off for a small vacation around the Fourth of July. I'll give you a hint to where. What's round on the ends and high in the middle? :p

Happy Mother's Day!
Sunday, 05/08/05 @ 11:25am
Cinco de Mayo +1
Friday, 05/06/05 @ 7:35pm
Since I missed posting on Cinco de Mayo, here's a post about yesterday.

The Wife and I ran some errands and had a relatively intense morning. Then with the song Cinco de Mayo playing (um, that's by War by the way), we thought, do we want Mexican food for lunch, or are we doing Subway or sushi? Well, sushi won out on that one.

After lunch it was time to get back home and clean the thing in preparation for The Wife's surgery. The house has been de-furred and dusted, the bathrooms are spotless, and Dustie the Cat has a nice vacuumed carpet to shed on. Yeah, I know I keep mentioning The Wife's upcoming surgery and haven't really said much about it, but that's the way it goes. Her surgery is on May 19th. Um, that's also the day the final Star Wars movie is released. Can you say, taxi to and from the hospital? LOL Not really. I wouldn't do that to her. I'd think it, but not do it.

I'll mention more about the surgery in the coming days. Back to yesterday. After cleaning the house, we showered and ordered a pizza. We went to buy beer, get the pizza, and got home in time for Survivor.

Now, had we still been living in California, we would have had Mexican food at some point in the day. But honestly, Mexican food on the East Coast is as bland as tofu compared to what can be found in Southern California. So, we settled for Japanese lunch and Italian dinner on Cinco de Mayo.

Well, that was our day yesterday. Today, I did and still have more schoolwork to take care of. I did shred a couple months worth of paper that was accumulating in the shed pile. Anyway, back to schoolwork.

Scare D Cat
Wednesday, 05/04/05 @ 1:50pm
A long overdue event finally occurred this morning. In preparation for The Wife's surgery, we managed to coax Dustie the Cat into the bathroom for some grooming. She's been shaved (although we are much nicer about it than a groomer cause we don't go down to the skin) and bathed (smells so much better). We managed to get this done much faster than the last time. I'm sure it is because she was not all matted like the last time.

Now, we still have a list of many other things to do, but apparently Dustie has worn out The Wife and vice versa, because it's nap time for the two of them. Hopefully we can get to more of the tasks for today later, or they will need to be handled tomorrow. In any case, the big job of the excess fur has been taken care of.

Happy Birthday Wife
Monday, 05/02/05 @ 5:20pm
First I need to wish a very happy birthday to The Wife. I love you!

Okay, now the day started like any other beautiful day with the sun shining and the birds chirping and the damn woodpecker pecking and the nutso cat meowing and those dark clouds forming and the tons of bills arriving and the rain pouring and the "on hold" music playing and the...aw forget it. It started like a beautiful day and then ended up being "one of those days." It will be nice to have The Wife home from work, eat some cake, and maybe crack open a bottle of wine.

OMG that was a post two days in a row. Haha!

May Day
Sunday, 05/01/05 @ 5:30pm
Okay then....no more Legal Research class and I think I took the Certificate of Distinction again. Now I just have to wait a week or so to find out for sure. This new class, Wills, Estates, and Trusts is starting out with lots of reading, but I am finding it very interesting, so this might just be another course to surprise me with regard to my interest level.

Tomorrow is The Wife's birthday! Of course she has to work. I'm not even going to start to tell you how I feel about this or anything else about her work because I would use tons of profanity and take up about 5 pages of scrolling to do so.

I have very mixed feelings about this month as there is lots of stuff going on throughout the month. The Wife has outpatient surgery on the 19th and will be out of work for a week, we need to start to pack in order to prepare for a move, and my obsession with getting straight A's and those Certificate of Distinction awards tend to take loads of time. So, it's going to be a hectic second half of the month. However, the summer might prove to be very fun with friends, concerts, travel plans, and of course the eventual move to a new place.

Oh, and I have tried dabbling in my music writing again. We'll see if it produces anything worthwhile.

So, there's a little post to get back up to speed, let's see if I can make this a regular occurrence.