Thursday, 05/31/07 @ 5:40pm
This is turning out to be a busy few days (Thurs, Fri, and Sat). I have 20 appointments over these three days for work. Hopefully it'll pay off in the end.

With regard to the site, the Images section is almost completely intact again. I even created a new Images landing page with thumbnails for the actual gallery. You will see all of the gallery pages up and running except for the ones dealing with the house.

The Journal Archives are all in place with just a few minor things for me to clean up (incorrect image link and the like) that most of you won't even notice.

Something that I have removed completely from the site is the Feature section. I haven't used it in over two years, so I figured, what the hell, remove it. I might make the Feature Achives available in the future from the bottom of the Journal Archives listing at the left. I just haven't decided though.

Time to get back to my phone calls. I will find more time to post about other things than site updates in a day or two, but I worked hard to get the site conversion completed in May for it's 3rd birthday. :)

Parts Are Definitely Broken
Wednesday, 05/30/07 @ 11:15am
Looking at the site a bit more thoroughly, I found some serious errors, so I have taken down the Journal Archives for right now. Also, all House Building pages, Vacation 2004, and Neighborhood Wildlife 2004 in the Images section have been taken down. Oh yeah, and the new Images landing page is currently showing pictures of Stonington Vineyards and titles Porch Garden. LOL These will all be fixed hopefully by Friday. *crosses fingers*

Fun Times!
Wednesday, 05/30/07 @ 12:30am
Just arrived home from a concert in Boston. The Wife and I went to see Steely Dan. It was lots of fun. We drove into the city around 4pm and parked on the south side. We walked to Faneuil Hall where we had dinner at The Salty Dog. Wonderful meal and a couple of beers. We walked back to the south side where the Bank of America Pavilion is, checked out where out seats were (12 row center section on the aisle). Had a couple beers and wines, watched the show and drove home. It really was a wonderful time away from the house.

Aside from the concert, this site has changed. It is now hosted through Bluehost. Thank you Katie!

There are a few errors with the site still, but they will be fixed by the end of the month.

What else do I have to say...OH! I completed a registration at my new job!!! Yea! That was within a ten day period. I guess a good start. Hmmm, does that mean I can go on vacation now? :p.

There's tons more to say, but I'm damn tired and, well, I really don't want to take the time to post any pictures right now. Sorry. Maybe within the next couple days you will see more of the recent landscaping.

Until then. . . . . .

More Job, Blog, and Updates
Saturday, 05/19/07 @ 11:50pm
The job is rolling along. It is interesting talking on the phone to strangers all day long. I am not sure if it's a great job yet, 'cause it's still too new. I'll let you know in a couple weeks.

I have converted the Journal Archives, Recordings, Writings, and About Me to the new look. I even updated the About Me page with more photos of my history.

I have some pictures to post showing off our vegetable garden and fruit trees flowering, but those will be posted at a later time.

Enjoy the weekend, I will be.

Job -n- Blog
Wednesday, 05/09/07 @ 9:40pm
I begin my new job tomorrow. What is it you ask? Well, I get to work from home talking to people on the phone that are interested in enrolling in an online school to study law and receive a Paralegal Certificate. I went to the school and loved it! Now I can work for them and stay at home. They reimburse me for my Internet costs, put in a new phone line for the business, and provide me with an extremely flexible work schedule.

Also, I have now joined BlogExplosion, so that I might expand my audience. Not that I am disappointed in catering to my current audience of about 6, but if I want more people to hear about Ron Paul for 2008, then simply having more people read my main page will provide just that little extra exposure. It's like taking my personal web site public. And with that, I have joined the blogging world. Hahaha!

I need to look more into which blogging community would be the best for me though. BlogExplosion seems to take forever to load pages from their own site.

Oh, and Katie, I joined through the link on your blog!

Three Year Old Gets A Makeover
Tuesday, 05/08/07 @ 8:10am
It's hard to believe that The Back of My Mind has been online for three years. As you can see, in order to celebrate I have given the site a facelift.

Basically I changed all of the code and am relying more on a style sheet. This allows me to rid the site of some very minor inconsistencies that have been a plague upon it's existence since day one. It will also allow me to be more efficient with my updating. At least I think it will. I'll know more when I convert the entire site.

In the meantime, the only page changed is this one. I will try to have the whole site dusted off by the end of the month, if not sooner. My hope is that by making these changes I will not have to do so again for another three years.

With that, welcome back to The Back of My Mind.