Going Postal
Wednesday, 06/30/04 @ 1:15pm
Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb......wait, that's a Beatles song. There was no dragging of combs at our house. But, once ready we went out to run a few errands. For some strange reason my errands always seem to entail the Post Office.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mean to imply that going to the Post Office is something that I'm uncomfortable with, but the people that seem to patron our local office are, how can I be kind?, um, have shit for brains (ok not so kind, but the truth). They are either not completely cognizant of others needs around them and utterly rude, or they are so slow that I wonder if humans have really evolved from the sloth instead of apes.

As for the employees of the local Post Office, they are a different story completely. I do believe they are each missing a few billion brain cells. Fortunately, they are not walking around on prozac with automatic weapons. The reason I know they are a lacking in their cerebral region is partly due to what occurred this morning.

I ship lots of material Certified with a Return Receipt or Priority with a Delivery Confirmation. I have learned that preparing everything prior to arriving at the Post Office is much more efficient. I generally keep a small stack of Certified receipts and Return Receipts handy. I also attach them to the parcel prior to arriving at the Post Office. This way all they have to do is weigh the item, scan the bar code, give me a total cost and I'm out of there. Recently I have been increasing the number of items I have been shipping Priority with a Delivery Confirmation, so today I asked if I could get a few of the Delivery Confirmation receipts and more Certified receipts (running low at home hehehe). The guy comes back with a huge stack of Certified receipts, Return Receipts, Confirmation receipts, and a roll of Priority Mail stickers. LOL

Now, I am not going to need these kind of supplies for easily a year with the volume he provided. I'm not angry, as a matter of fact, The Wife was right when saying that I'm "in Post Office heaven". I love having supplies I need to take care of business in an efficient manner, so the more the merrier.

Not that this is all that important of an issue, just thought I'd share my morning experience. Have a great day! Oh, and don't forget to send in your photos!!!!!! Check out Saturday, June 26th.

Tuesday, 06/29/04 @ 12:06pm
Twoday I thought I'd start something new. Every Twosday I will be posting two stories that are "two" related. Hopefully they will be interesting stories, but from the looks of these first two, who knows. I did spend a good deal of time looking though. hahaha!

Two Charged With Beating Off-Duty Cop At Sox Game
Brothers Allegedly React Violently When Asked To Stop Cursing

Judge Gives Man Two Months To Clean Up Property
Williams refused two opportunities to testify on his own behalf during the hearing.

Don't forget to send in your photos! Not sure what this is about? Look at Saturday, June 26th.

Monday, 06/28/04 @ 8:40am
A time to congratulate the United States of America and Iraq is at hand.

The USA handed over sovereignty to the Iraqi nation at 2:26am two days ahead of schedule.

When I heard this news this morning, I laughed my ass off. It was like the two countries handed the terrorists a container of Vaseline and a note saying "bend over". Over the past couple of weeks as we all know the terrorists have been increasing their attacks and have recently been expressing their intentions to have something big occur on the day of the transition. Whoops! LOL

Due to this early hand-over of power to the Iraqi people, now if the terrorists attack, it's not an occupied Iraq they are attacking, but a sovereign nation of people eager to defend themselves for their freedom and newly found rights. I wish the Iraqi nation the best for their new future.

Now, with regard to TheBackofMyMind, as you probably noticed there was no Feature update yesterday. I will be leaving the photos of my dad up for a second week and then move them to the Feature Archives. I will also be providing a link from the "Gallery" on the Images page to the photos as well.

Don't forget to send in your photos! Not sure what this is about? Look at Saturday, June 26th.

Another Day, Another Week
Sunday, 06/27/04 @ 11:00am
Very simple update so far today.

Added three items to the Links page and changed the Featured Link.
Updated the Recordings page with this week's Birthdays.
And, archived the Journal.

I am currently not sure if there will be a new Feature this week or not. I guess we'll know by the end of the day. Hahahaha!

Don't forget to send in your photos! Not sure what this is about? Look at Saturday, June 26th.

Pussy Pics, um, er, Kitty Pics
Saturday, 06/26/04 @ 10:40am
It appears that people want to see more photos of our furry four-legged child Dustie the Cat. I have decided that I will post more of her under one condition ...

I would like to receive photos of your pus... um furry ones also. I will put together a page of submitted furry photos ... and not just of the feline persuasion either ... I want photos of dogs, cats, mice, bats, rats, gophers, groundhogs, gerbils, giraffes, ostrich (oh, maybe not ostrich, that's not fur) ... Ah hell, feathers or fur or scales, it's no matter to me, send in your photos now to TheBackofMyMind

I will provide a week to get all your photos to me. That should be enough time to get them scanned and emailed, or taken, developed to CD and emailed. If you have trouble getting them digitized, let me know and I'll see if there is a way I can assist.

Please be sure they are of high quality and size. I prefer larger than 300 x 300 in size. This email account can handle 20MB, so I have no problem with attachments of a smaller size. However, if I receive 4 photos of 5MB each and don't save them right away and you send an attachment of any size, it might bounce back. Please just wait until morning or evening and resend it.

Please do not forget to provide within the email, the model, make, and name of what we can see in the photo. Additionally, I reserve the right to choose which images get used and to crop any image appropriately for use on this site.

I will post this message or something similar to it next week as a reminder after this page is archived tomorrow.

Finally, please NO kitty porn. I like to think I run a clean site. I could be wrong, but I like to think that. :)

Thanks and have a great weekend!

You Know What Day It Is
Friday, 06/25/04 @ 8:55am
The five-day work week closes on this day,

So, the grown-ups pour from their swoozle bottles,

They blow into their whistles and cheer, "HOOHAY!!"

The little people cozy in the beds they lay.

Following their feasting of creamed fizzle vittles,

It's here little people sleep the night away.

So, now's the time the grown-ups pour, drink and play,

Quietly they drink and chat of their latest hootles,

'Cause they know the Happy Fingers Cat would say...

"Thank God It's Friday"

Had To Rebuild
Thursday, 06/24/04 @ 3:45pm
Well, this was certainly a waste of time. I was working on adding some images, got them scanned in and was building the page when I accidentally destroyed the entire site. It took me a while to get all of the pieces back in order from where I began.

And, no, I didn't get the images up on the site after all that. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow, but I am rather frustrated with the site at the moment. BLAH!!!

Today Was A Repeat
Wednesday, 06/23/04 @ 6:20pm
We woke up. Showered. Went to the doctor's for my 6 month blood tests. Had an exam by another doc and made an appointment to remove a cyst on July 7th. Yes, that was all the lousy stuff.

Then we decided to go get some food on our way to a movie. We went to a theater we have never been to before and there was a Mexican restaurant in the plaza too. It was pretty good for around here. We will definitely be going back sometime in the near future to try the Dinner Menu. The Wife was thrilled as they had her favorite Mexican beer, Pacifico. Me? I was fine with a margarita on the rocks with salt (YUM!!!!). We both had chicken enchiladas. Not the best Mexican food I have had, but definitely the best near where we live that we have found.

We were also a bit skeptical about the theater at first as we had to walk through a store to get to it. The store was Walgreen-esque, hence our concern. Once inside the theater, it was quite nice and better than the one we normally go to. It had real nice comfy seats that reclined slightly with fold-up armrests and lots of padding. The screen was standard in size and the sound was at today's standards. And most importantly, there were no advertisements playing. Except for the one preview they showed which was fine. I actually don't mind previews when I go to a theater, even if there are many of them. I believe the theater was only a couple years old, if that.

Oh ... the movie we saw? Well, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the second time. Again, it was GREAT in our opinions.

Then we returned home and played some Pogo. I got one badge and am over halfway to the next. The Wife got one of her badges and we have stopped to go upstairs for a beverage and probably a small snack.

That was our day. Hope yours was just as good!

Monday, 06/21/04 @ 11:50am
It is now working. That's right, no more IP numbers. You can now type in thebackofmynind.com or www.thebackofmymind.com and arrive right here.

Please adjust any links you might have to this site accordingly.

Happy Father's Day
Sunday, 06/20/04 @ 2:20pm
First, I'd like to wish a Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. Personally, I haven't become a father and have made a decision at this point in my life that I will not have any children other than the furry four-legged kind.

With regard to updates, I have updated the Feature page with a pictorial of my father who passed away in 1996. I'm not sure if it'll end up being a part of the Images page or not, we'll see.

I have updated the Recordings page with the appropriate birthdays for this week in music.

I have archived the Feature and Journal pages as usual for the start of a new week.

Also, I have this last image I didn't place on the Feature page today. It's from left to right, myself, my dad, my nephew climbing on my brother. This was taken I believe around 1992.

Think Hot tis Lightning, I Mean ... Thank God It's Friday
Friday, 06/18/04 @ 12:20pm
It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring. He went to bed, and bumped his head, and couldn't get up in the morning.

Or is it ... Fell out of bed, and bumped his head, and couldn't get up in the morning?

Or is it as The Wife had learned ... Bumped his head on the foot of the bed, and couldn't get up in the morning?

As you see I have found three versions of this, I remember learning the "went to bed" version. Which did you learn as a child? What did you teach your child(ren)?

I cannot find the name of the composer of this little children's tune and am unable to find out any verifiable information of it's meaning either. The Wife seems to believe it started out as a barroom song from some drunk. I would like to know verifiable facts about it's origin.

If anybody has more information, please provide it. BTW, the reason for posting about this was because it was the first thing I thought of as I was going to bed last night with the thunder pounding over our house. Have a good weekend!

Every Other Day-ly
Thursday, 06/17/04 @ 10:50am
This week, the journal seems to be every other day with The Wife off work. That's fine by me. We went to a local winery yesterday and had a great time!

For dinner we roasted a duck. The first time we ever did that and it turned out very good. However, duck is not something I'd eat frequently at all. As a matter of fact, I can probably do without duck for another 6 months or so.

No telling what we are going to do today. Lots of things to choose from, but alas, she has a headache at the moment, so we are waiting to make a decision.

Anyway, I have updated the Recordings page with 2 more tunes. Nothing too exceptional, but a couple of fun little tunes. ENJOY!!!

This House Is Clean (Well Upstairs Anyway)
Tuesday, 06/15/04 @ 1:10pm
Upstairs there is no dust, dirt, visible cobwebs, visible bugs, stray fur or hair. Why?

That UPS package arrived last week and in it was a device that cleans like no other. I got under the bed near the headboard that was caked with dust and dirt, got all the dust off the lamp shades and window sills, all the loose hair in the bathroom, a few dead moths behind a door (a live bug too), and all that Dustie the Cat fur and dander that was imperceptible to the eye. The stairs look nice and clean, the bathroom counter has no facial hair or baby powder residue, and the entry way was cleaned again to suck up the litter that sticks to Dustie the Cat's paws until she reaches the carpet. Oh and the house has a nice eucalyptus aroma to it.

When all that was completed, there was no dust from emptying a bag or container into a garbage can or outside in the garden. All I had to do was dump out the water that caught all the dust/dirt/grime and rinse out the container. Oh, I was a bit more anal about it and actually dried the container too.

What is this device I speak of? The Rainbow Vacuum Cleaning System.

I certainly could go on about how there are now filters or bags to replace on a regular basis. I could tell you that it actually adds years of life to your carpet by not grinding the dirt deep into the carpet, cutting the fibers, like an ordinary vacuum. I could share the fact that it can be placed on low speed with a deodorizer in the water and no hose attached to clean the air that you breath in your home. I could tell you that our household has fewer illnesses due to cleaning with this device. I could tell you that we owned our last one for 10 years and only had to replace a belt on the power nozzle twice at a cost of about 10 dollars. I could tell you that the only reason we bought a new one was because our power nozzle was starting to fail and we only needed to buy a new one at about the cost of an ordinary vacuum, but we decided that for the extra money we could get an updated version. I could tell you that the distributor gave us value on our old one as a trade-in and then allowed us to keep the old one (which can be used as an indoor/outdoor vac, in the garage, to clean the cars, etc.) and all the old accessories. We can use the old accessories for those really gross cleaning jobs that you don't want to use your nice clean cleaning accessories on (like for dusting behind the stove or under the refrigerator). I must tell you that I added the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaning System web site to my links page.

Well, enough about that, I think it's time to make a couple calls and pay a couple more bills.

Oh yeah, and when The Wife gets home tonight she doesn't have to go back to work until Monday next week, woohoo!

Woohoo! An Update
Sunday, 06/13/04 @ 12:30pm
Yesiree bob, there is an update for today. The following pages have had updates:

Feature - About my lack of creativeness recently (archived old Feature)
Recordings - Birthdays in music
Links - Changed the Featured Link

And of course this page has been archived for last week.

I certainly am hoping that my lull in posting and updating has subsided and we will see some more material pop up here now. Then again, maybe it is best to only update one page a week (other than the Journal) to keep from hitting a lull again.

The Wife is off work from this coming Wednesday through the weekend. That has got to be good news for her and Dustie the Cat. Of course, I'm glad too!

With that said, let's look forward to a great week ahead!

Long Tiring Week
Friday, 06/11/04 @ 10:05am

Thank God It's Friday. Have a great one!

Waiting And Reading
Thursday, 06/10/04 @ 2:38pm
What a boring day, but only enough time to post this. I am reading upstairs as I am waiting for UPS to arrive with a COD package. I cannot hear the door when at the computer, so my time online is limited.

Oh, The Wife and I saw Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban yesterday. GREAT movie. A must see for everybody!!!

With that, it's back to the book and waiting. Have a good day!

Tuesday, 06/08/04 @ 12:15pm
I feel like the phone has been glued to my ear. It either rings or I have a call to make. Anyway, I'm now done with all the calls I had to make and hopefully won't be receiving anymore.

I did manage to update the "Birthdays In Music" section of the Recordings page today for this week. I know it's a couple of days late, but better late than never, eh?

Oh, and I couldn't come up with an interesting title for today's entry, so I put just the date. Deal with it!

Sunday, 06/06/04 @ 10:10am
I'm sorry to say there is no real update to the site this weekend other than the archiving of the Journal from last week.

It's been a rather blah week for me, I have been under the weather, we had our driveway & street paved, and the weekend so far was filled with errands and trying to rest. I know I also didn't post yesterday, but like I said, trying to rest.

With that said, I hope your weekend is going good for you! And, I hope that tomorrow I am rejuvenated from blahness to something-elseness.

Another Little Chuckle For Friday
Friday, 06/04/04 @ 5:34pm
I just took a couple minutes to check out the sites I usually visit and saw something new on my nephew's site. I had a good chuckle and thought you might too.

Here's the description from his site: "A robot struggles with the pains of a normal life as an outcast at school, and life."

Without further ado, here is The Robot which will open another browser for the quicktime movie.


Thank God It's Fry Day!!
Friday, 06/04/04 @ 10:25am
Thursday, 06/03/04 @ 7:05pm
I am really hating today. I feel like crap and nothing seems to be working out as planned. I should really have just stayed in bed today.

To be quick about a few things ... we probably cannot buy a house this year, I am frustrated with the credit reporting agencies and their antics, I'm dumbfounded by a weird thing happening with my PC to where I cannot play EverQuest, and I'm hoping it's not my graphics adapter. Oh yeah and the house stinks because they paved our driveway yesterday and the street today. It looks nice but reeks.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow ... I think.

How Compatible?
Wednesday, 06/02/04 @ 6:15pm
Thank you Katie for having something on your blog worth stealing for posting on my site today! Fortunately, some people other than those that visit your site come to mine, only 2 I think, but that's makes this worth posting. hahaha!

I'm an irredeemably eejitous, liberal, tight as fuck, pathetically simple-minded, dribbling child!    See how compatible you are with me!    Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Last Chance
Tuesday, 06/01/04 @ 3:05pm
Got my replaced graphic adapter today and just put it in the computer. Let's see if it lasts this time. This is the last chance this company has with me and their products. If this doesn't work they need to explain how they are going to make the last 6 months up to me.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day as we are seeing a mortgage broker to see about getting pre-qualified. More on that tomorrow, time to try out this graphics adapter in EverQuest.