Lots Going On
Monday, 06/27/05 @ 11:15am
Lots of reading
Lots of writing
Lots of assignments for school.

Lots of thinking
Lots of talking
Lots of preplanning the move.

Lots of adding
Lots of subtracting
Lots of interpreting the rules.

School is moving along...The move is getting organized...And, the company The Wife works for sucks!

So, we basically hid away on the weekend to do some pleasure reading and watch movies. Now it's back to the same crap by rinsing and repeating. Yet we do keep smiling and look forward to September....the last month of regular classes, the move will be complete, and hopefully the current ordeal with The Wife's employer will be behind us.

For now, we deal...

Bits -O- Stuff
Saturday, 06/18/05 @ 12:25pm
Okay, the lease is signed. We are scheduled to move into the new place during the last week of August.

Dustie the Cat is back home!

The Wife is working.

Due to the traveling last week, my class has caught up to me, so I have to get back to reading and doing assignments.

And, I made a small adjustment to the Journal Archives. They are now completely sorted by month and I will now be leaving the main Journal page up until the end of each month when it will be archived.

Found A House
Tuesday, 06/14/05 @ 8:15pm
The Wife and I took this past weekend to go to Rhode Island and search for a house to rent. After a discouraging start, we found a place that should suit us just fine. Yesterday the owner ran a credit check and told us last night that we can have the house. So, today she faxed over the lease agreement. We are going back tomorrow night and checking out the place again on Thursday when we will sign the agreement. Our scheduled move in date will be the last week of August.

Dustie the Cat is doing great according to the hospital and can still be viewed on the web cam until Friday when we will be picking her up. See the previous post for the link and cam details.

The Wife's tenderness with her nose is almost nonexistent at this point, which means it's healing fine.

I have been shredding my fingernails waiting to get my grade for my class on Wills, Estates, and Trusts and finally got it. I knew I managed an A+ as I only missed one point from the whole course. What I didn't know until today was that I did receive the Certificate of Distinction as well. Yea! So far this Business Law class is not too bad. Funny how we just finished discussing contracts and now I have a lease agreement in my hands. LOL

Have a good rest of the week.

Cat Cam
Wednesday, 06/08/05 @ 9:55am
Dustie the Cat has been admitted into the hospital for her stay in the Hypurrcat program. She was taken in yesterday afternoon and seems to be doing well. She had her radioiodine injection and now just has to stay until the radiation level drops within the state standards before she can be released. The web cam associated with the Hypurrcat program is available to us for our viewing pleasure. The password to see her is "meow", no quotes. Simply go to the Hypurrcat site, click on the little camera in the upper right corner, enter the password, and there are a variety of cams to view. Under the PC pulldown menu there are still cams that change every few minutes, live cams, and a close-up cam. Dustie the Cat can be seen through cam #3. She is in the lower right condo. The close-up cam flips through the four condos that you can see through cam #3. The image lasts about 2 seconds, then flips to the next close-up cam. We have put a scratcher on her top shelf, she has a t-shirt in her little round cubby hole, and her favorite paper bad in the square cubby hole. She also has a new black fuzzy toy and a more familiar green mouse toy with her. We love our cat, and although we have to put her through this, we know in the long run it is best for her. Feel free to visit with her.

Our vacation in July has been cancelled to due expenditures with Dustie the Cat, but we are going to try an reschedule for August after our move. The Wife and I leave on Friday for a couple days to New England to look for a place to rent.

The soreness The Wife has been feeling the past few days was eliminated yesterday when the doctor removed a couple of dissolvable stitches that didn't seem to dissolve. She can breath much easier now, seems to be not be as tired and in need of tons of sleep like she used to, and for the most part has stopped cutting down forests when she sleeps. :)

I am hammering through my course work for this month's Business Law class. With all the trips we have scheduled to New England this month to locate a place to live, I am using all of my free time getting all of the future class work complete while The Wife is at work. Class just started on Monday, there are 9 units this month, and I am already starting Unit 5.

With that said, it's back to my reading.

Cat, Wife, School
Friday, 06/03/05 @ 3:05pm
Here's an update on Dustie the Cat, The Wife, and school.

Dustie the Cat had her visit to the ophthalmologist and he agrees with her doctor that she has a partially detached retina in her right eye. This was not due to a mass or tumor behind the eye, which is good news. The feeling from both doctors is that the detachment of the retina is a result of high blood pressure brought on by hyperthyroidism. There are basically three possible remedies for such a condition. First is surgery, but this is rarely done these days. Second is medication to control twice a day for the rest of her life. Third is a radioiodine treatment which can cure the hyperthyroidism 95 to 98 percent of the time. We have decided to admit her into the hospital for such treatment. I have spoken with the inventor of this treatment and he will be available for Dustie the Cat's treatment on Tuesday late afternoon. She will be away from us for 5 to 7 days. The Wife and I get to take a tour of the facility on Monday as it will be one of the few times a year that no cats are in for treatment. It is basically a mini condo for cats with their own little pan, food and water supply, and little cubby hole to hide in. The room has music playing, they are monitored 24 hours a day, there is a fish tank in the room for them to watch, and there is a web cam so we can view her anytime we like. This treatment is very expensive and really was not something we were ready to handle at this time, but Dustie the Cat's health is paramount to other things. For more information about this treatment, you can visit the Hypurrcat site.

The Wife is feeling much better and has a follow-up visit with the doctor on Tuesday as well. She seems to be breathing better, not as sore, and it appears the surgery might have been successful remedying a variety of issues. Only more time will tell for sure.

My last class, Wills, Estates, and Trusts, is complete. The June class is Business Law. I have already read a ton on contracts and am trying to get as much work done as possible since we are taking several days out of this month to go search for a place to live in New England. Fortunately, I have experience in contracts and other business activities that should make this class a bit easier than originally anticipated.

Th..th..th..that's all folks!