Wednesday, 07/20/05 @ 1:10am

Well, it's a bad panorama pieced together by me of the house we are going to be moving into at the end of August. I am standing at the woods that edge the back of our back yard. Like a moron, I stood in one place and took the pictures knowing I was going to piece them together. I should have moved horizontal with the building as I took picture segments. Duh!

The end result is the lighting is a bit queer due to moving clouds blocking the sun at times. And, the section in the middle of the house is way off. And, you can notice a perspective skew along the house. Bah, who cares.

I might be posting more pictures showing the front yard soon. In the meantime, I need to get back to some legal research. Anybody know anything about New York court decisions on wrongful life/wrongful birth? :p

Comments Are Back Up
Tuesday, 07/19/05 @ 2:20am
I have comments working again on this page. Basically what must have happened is Haloscan must have modified their site to not function with the java script I had been running. I can run fine with their code, but no longer with the code I had working to show unread comments. Oh well.

I'll have to go through each archived page of the site manually to alter the code that called the java script where comments existed. Until then, only top pages work, not the archived feature pages and archived journal pages.

Sorry, but at least it's progress

Comments Are Down
Sunday, 07/17/05 @ 12:30pm
The site has been inaccessible for the past few days. I have finally determined why. My cable service provider changed the IP address. I have updated the forwarding service I use so the URL now works as it should. However, it was taking ages to load and when loaded, comments weren't available.

I have commented out the java script for the comments in my html and now the Journal page loads as it did before. I haven't done this to the other pages, as I'd rather fix the java script to load as it used to. Now I just need to understand why that has been affected in order to fix it. I wonder if it has to do with my server. Anyway, no comments because I have to get more schoolwork done.


More, More, More
Monday, 07/11/05 @ 6:00pm
As usual there is more going on than I feel like spewing out into this web page. However, here's the crux of what's what...

Lists are made and being added to for things that need to be done prior to moving in 45 days. Things like change of address cards, phone calls to change the name on the bills (utilities, trash, etc.), finding out whether or not email can be forwarded for 30 days after we move, setting up the new utilities and cable in our name in the new location, and what large and heavy items will require a moving company.

We are visiting the house again on Wednesday to take a few pictures, and sign a new lease (the original will be destroyed because it had the address of the landlords daughter's house on it, not the house we are to rent), and meet with The Wife's new supervisor.

My car is paid off. Woohoo!

We are still dealing with BS about The Wife's payroll from 6 weeks ago.

We did a major clean up and sorting of the basement over the weekend. Threw out lots of stuff, shredded tons of files over seven years old, found some things to go into a yard sale, and made preparations for packing the room.

Our next vacation is planned and reserved for October. We are taking an 11 hour train ride to Williamsburg, VA. Hopefully, some friends or The Wife and I will decide to take a three hour car ride to visit one another as Williamsburg is only about that long of a drive from Baltimore.     ;)

Lastly, school is moving right along with Torts and Injury Law. And, I'm waiting to get my grade and find out if I received the Certificate of Distinction for my class in June, Business Law.

So have fun! I'll be right here busy for the next 45 days.

It Just Might Be A Waste Of Time
Wednesday, 07/06/05 @ 11:45am
Things keep moving right along here. However, I have decided that I am terribly boring with regard to my web site. I'm not sure what to write these days other than school is going well, we are preparing and packing for our move at the end of August, I will try to get pictures of the house next week, the cat is starting to play a little bit again (not much), The Wife is starting to regain her sense of smell, I hate humidity, I could really use a spare hundred thousand dollars, I now own my car clear of any liens, NASA is staffed by sadists, they blew a hole in a comet...

What more can I say? It just might be a waste of time.