What A Week!
Friday, 07/07/06 @ 12:30pm
No new pictures of the house today, but lots of things transpired over this past week.

First off the 4th of July celebration (July 3rd) was great fun. On July 2nd I drove a folding table, tablecloths, some chairs, sleeping bags, wine, and tent over to our friends house where the celebration was taking place. I helped move a pile of dirt off of the driveway and into the horseshoe area. That evening, back at home, The Wife baked some desserts (two dozen ewwy-gooey chocolate cupcakes and a baking dish of lemon squares) to bring to the celebration. We also packed up clothes, toiletries, a comforter for padding in the tent, a cooler for the desserts, and the all important FIREWORKS.

On the 3rd, celebration day, The Wife had to work, so we loaded up her car and I drove her to work for 8am. I drove from there to our friends house with the rest of our stuff. I helped to get the place cleaned up by washing down a side of the house, deck, barbecue, and half a dozen chairs. I set up our tent. We received it as a wedding gift in October of 1996 and this was the first time we have used it. The tent was much larger than I thought. I could stand up in it. It's a dome tent and went up relatively easy. I went to pick up The Wife at 1pm. Once back to our friends house we ate some deli sandwiches, began drinking, and decided it should get dark more than once a day, so we could shoot off fireworks earlier.

We had been shooting off some of the filler fireworks periodically in order to get in the mood before dusk when all of a sudden . . . DOWNPOUR. Damn, summer showers. And, this happened right as people began to arrive. There were about 25 people at the celebration. After the passing shower, it was time to make our presence known to the other lake residents with a large mortar being shot off. Everybody cheered and that was the beginning of the show. I was lighting fireworks for about 90 minutes straight. All those squats made my body very sore the next day. Everybody had a great time. For those that like to eat, there was a variety of foods brought by all of the guests. Anyway, enough of the holiday celebrations.

Things at the house are moving rather quickly. I was there yesterday to meet with the electrician again. The windows are almost all in place. The insulation was 90% complete and they are putting up the sheet rock today. I saw the boxes in the garage with our kitchen cabinets. And, the septic system was excavated in the backyard. All of the electric work will be complete today.

Now we just need to finish finding all of our lights, faucets, and sinks for the house so they can be ordered and arrive without causing a delay. So, that's what I am taking a break from while I post this update. However, I think I have taken long enough, so . . .

Have a fun summer weekend!

More House Building Pictures
Sunday, 07/02/06 @ 10:30am
Things have been pretty crazy around here. The stress factor for me dealing with the house and looking for a job is tremendous. Anyway, here's what has been going on with the house.

We have been out buying lots of things that are required for the house, but want to pick out ourselves. We bought about two thirds of the lights already. We got a great deal on the bathroom vanity for the half bath on the main level. And, we bought the laundry tub for the laundry room. We have decided on the sinks for the bathrooms and kitchen, as well as most of the faucets. The carpet used in the house has all been selected along with the colors. All paint colors for the house have been decided except the Family Room. Although we know what the carpet color is, we are not sure what color the upholstery will be until we select our new furniture. This decision will have to be made after the 4th of July.

My job search continues with more resumes being sent out. Don't ask about this. It hasn't been an easy or fun process.

My participation in Katie's 50 Days of Summer is minimal, but I am trying. For week two I watched West Side Story. For week three I was overcome with stress and did none of the activities. Now for week four, I doubt any will take place, other than the 4th of July celebration.

Speaking of July 4th, we are celebrating on July 3rd with friends at their place on a lake. A few weeks ago, our wives worked and we went to Pennsylvania to buy some fireworks. Between the two of us, we have a little over $500 worth of pyrotechnic fun. Oh, I don't mean the little wimpy fountains, I'm talking mortars and rockets. Check out this link to see a video of one of the items I bought.

Lest note about Independence Day. take some time to check out the trailers of "America: Freedom to Fascism" that is releasing in select theaters every week beginning July 28th. It was made by Aaron Russo (The Rose, Trading Places). It's all about how, we as Americans, are losing our hold on our country; not to terrorists, but to our own government. It's not about Republicans or Democrats, it's about how the Constitution is being ignored and almost forgotten by most of our elected officials. The Wife and I saw a special prescreening a few months ago. It is a movie that anybody over the age of 14 should go see this summer. It is frightening what is happening to our great Republic. Okay, I'll stop rambling, but go check out the trailers.

The diet continues. I weigh in on Saturdays, so yesterday, I was down to 147. That's 8 pounds in seven weeks. I can only assume that the fact The Wife has lost about the same weight, it must be due to being on the same diet.

Have a great weekend and a patriotic 4th of July!