Friday, 07/28/08 @ 7:15pm
Now we near the end of July, Two Thousand and Eight, I restart my site updates after one year and two days of being in hiatus. This past year has been quite the rollercoaster, and seems to be continuing.

Without any details, here is some of the ride...

July 2007 - started to get frustrated with the new job

August 2007 - family member diagnosed with illness

September 2007 - family member in hospital on different illness, quit job

October 2007 - family member had surgery then a stroke, found new job

November 2007 - visited family member in hospital, job going okay, turned 46 years old

December 2007 - holidays

January 2008 - I can't remember, but it was cold

February 2008 - troubles as a town volunteer began, received new tooth

March 2008 - being strong-armed off Commission by a town official

April 2008 - trying to retain Commissioner status

May 2008 - Commission meeting to argue my position

June 2008 - more commotion at this month's Commission meeting, the family member in and out of the hospital again, and built a new computer

And, for this month, July, the family member back in the hospital for three weeks, Dustie the Cat diagnosed with partial kidney failure, the industry I work in going into the shitter, and DAMN it's HOT.