Moving Day Is Approaching
Thursday, 08/18/05 @ 11:40am
Things are getting very stressful as my current class if nearing its final and completion. And, the move date is rapidly approaching. We have managed to get almost the whole house packed. We just need to do the kitchen, the clothes, a box or two in the garage, and repack 4 boxes in the basement. Granted there is some stuff in the living room that is the "last minute toss it in a box cause we need it immediately upon arrival" stuff, but that will take a whole 5 minutes. And, as you can tell the computers are still up.

The Wife's computer and the server will be coming down on Wednesday the 24th, but my computer will remain until probably the wee hours of Thursday the 25th. My computer should be up and running on the 25th evening or the 26th morning. I hope to have the server back up on the 26th or 27th.

The new landlord has re-paved the driveway, redone the path to the front door, bought a new refrigerator, has a cleaning service coming in today, is repainting today, and will be out of the house 4 days before we arrive.

On our move day, the truck arrives around 8am, will take about 4 hours to load, Poland Spring comes by to pick up the water cooler, we need to vacuum, clean Dustie the Cat's bathroom, the carpet cleaners come by between 1pm and 3pm, the landlord will be scheduled for 4pm, and then we hop in the cars with Dustie the Cat and drive for a few hours.

Anyway, I'm not sure if there will be another post until we arrive in the new place, but there might be depending on time. Until then, keep smiling!

Day Two!
Sunday, 08/07/05 @ 7:45am
Remember, we are having a yard sale? None of you came by yesterday, but it's okay cause we still have a few items for you to purchase today. Come on by!

For directions from California, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland, or Rhode Island call for the address, and then you can use MapQuest. *wink*

Oh, and Happy Birthday to The Brother! You made it to 45 before me. neener! neener!

Yard Sale!
Saturday, 08/06/05 @ 8:25am
We are having a yard sale today. Come on by and purchase our used stuff today!


Archives Work Again!
Tuesday, 08/02/05 @ 9:50am
I had a little time today to work on the site. I managed to fix all the archived pages so they load again. Not that any of you ever go back to read the archives, but at least the whole site works again.

Time Is Of The Essence
Monday, 08/01/05 @ 2:30pm
Sorting through all of life's crap that one accumulates has been a priority of late. It is virtually complete. Now comes the actual packing, taping, and marking of boxes for the move.

Phone calls abound in order to set dates for turning off services here, turning on services for the beginning of September in the new place, and updating addresses with a plethora of bills, magazines, catalogs, and other mailings received.

Books to be read, discussions to be written, and assignments to be completed all take up any additional time while The Wife is at work in order to get ahead of the class, so that when Internet access is terminated here and the computer comes down, I can still prevail at the top of my class.

Moving company has been located, estimate received, and deposit made. Loading of the truck commences around 8:30am on August 25 with a scheduled delivery to the new place around 10:00am on August 26.

Appointments for Dustie the Cat, and ourselves, still trail into August, but they are set and scheduled within the rest of the other items to be completed.

It feels like there is so much to do with so little time, but I'm sure we'll manage.