What's New?
Wednesday, 08/27/08 @ 6:20pm
This month has been more of the same hectic month as the previous.

Work alone has been a tad stressful trying to get loans closed. Banks and the federal government are making it much more difficult for borrowers and brokers to get difficult deals to close. Difficult in the sense of low FICO scores or minimal savings on the part of the borrower. Anyway, I have manged to get three confirmed closings this month and still might be able to get another two cleared to close on Friday. That will bring my total up to five this month.

The Wife and I have been dealing with contractors in and out of the house for quite some time recently. I have decided to pay somebody to actually finish the walls I put up in the basement. They will be finished within the next couple of weeks. Finished meaning trimmed and painted. Next will be either the ceiling or the floor. Not sure which I want to do first. It also depends on money.

We have also had our driveway changed a tad. We had the corners widened and made more room for guest parking. The contractor that does that work is also going to be utilized to fix some erosion problems in the landscaping.

The garden was interesting this year. I'll leave that for my next post.

Oh, I have also started playing with a new game to see how it is. Only been about 5 hours, but so far I am enjoying it: Age of Conan. Time to go play.