Been There, Done That, Got The Hat
Wednesday, 09/21/05 @ 8:15am
It is that time of year again. Yes, The Wife and I have been traversing Connecticut in order to visit the Connecticut Wine Trail again. Been to some of our favorite's and a couple of new places. Although it is unusual for us to buy or drink much in the way of white wines, we have found several this year that are pleasing to our little taste buds.

Some of our favs include McLaughlin Vineyards, DiGrazia Vineyards and Winery, and Hopkins Vineyard on the western side of Connecticut. However, we also found a new winery in that area, White Silo Farm & Winery. Generally, The Wife and I do not go for many fruity wines, but the white wine made from Rhubarb is so crisp and refreshing that we had to buy a couple bottles. Additionally, they have this currant wine that is absolutely heavenly when drizzled on vanilla bean ice cream or other desserts.

This past Sunday, we managed to hit five vineyards on the east side of Connecticut. The first was out of reds, so we left, the second still isn't making wines from their own grapes, but will next year (they buy them from Napa Valley), so we left. The third was another of our favorites from last year, Stonington Vineyards, so of course we bought plenty of wine to enjoy. The fourth was a new vineyard for us, Gouveia Vineyards, which we weren't too thrilled with, but might have a promising future. We did enjoy the Chardonnay and bought a couple bottles. The last one we visited on Sunday is in the top 3 for The Wife and I with regard to Connecticut vineyards, Priam Vineyards. We were so happy to be back there and taste their great wines. Yes, we bought a case (10% discount for a case), some local cheeses, and had a glass of the St. Croix while we were there. The owner was the person that actually provided the tasting for us in our new Priam glasses, and upon making the purchase, he didn't charge us for the tasting, the two glasses of wine, or a hat. The hat was a surprise to us. We were heading toward the door, gave a wave, grabbed our wine, cheese, and tasting glasses, when the owner, while in the middle of another tasting, ran out from behind the bar, told us to hang on, grabbed a hat off the shelving of Priam merchandise, and plopped it on the Wife's head. He thanked us for visiting, we thanked him for making his wines available, and headed home.

Well, we have three vineyards left and are going to try and hit them on Friday. One new and two that we enjoyed from last year.

In other news, our shower, tub, and sinks drain again. Dustie the Cat is still crazy as ever. I have received my membership card from NALA. We are scheduled to go to Williamsburg , VA in the beginning of October and will be visiting Maryland to find out what it is like to live with 5 children. And, well, I am actually looking forward to graduating from AIPS at the end of the month. I'll still have lots schoolwork left to do before the certification exam, but the end is near.

So, that's that. Been there, done that, got the hat.

Friday, 09/16/05 @ 1:20pm
I am now a student member of NALA (National Association of Legal Assistants).

Just thought I'd share that with you all. Now back to more schoolwork.

What's Been Happening Here
Tuesday, 09/13/05 @ 10:15am
Still unpacking. Yes, we are taking quite some time to get out of all of our boxes, but that is because we are concerned with other things also now that we are here.

The Wife is working at the new location. She seems to like it. Also, the company has requested staff members to sign up for a weeks excursion down to New Orleans to help out. She is not sure of all the details, but is interested in signing up. She should know more about it later today or tomorrow.

Dustie the Cat had severe fur balls that needed cutting out of her little fuzzy armpits. We shaved her as well. We don't shave down to the skin, we now shave her so that she remains a little fuzzy still.

School is in the last month of the curriculum for me. I will graduate at the end of the month. I intend to take four self paced workshops next month and an additional course in November (Criminal Law). I also want to look into either volunteering or locating a paying job within the legal field in the October/November time frame. December is a month off from school as it is closed for the month. January will be the month I start a two-month review course. And, finally in March I will be sitting for the Certification Exam.

The Wife is nagging me to continue with my education by going to law school to become an attorney, but I'm not sure that is a good thing to do right now as we want to save money to buy a house and the tuition would be in like $60,000 to $100,000 depending on where I'd enroll.

Oh, out of the blue I found out that there will be a school reunion in May of next year, so we are planning our May 2006 vacation to Southern California.

Speaking of vacations, we have one coming up at the beginning of next month, an 11 hour train ride to Williamsburg, Virginia, where we will stay for a week, then have the train ride home. The Wife and I need to plan for what day we will be visiting Greg (The Things I see...), Katie (Ramblings of a SAHM), and the kids in Maryland. I think we will try and make that decision this weekend, so Greg has time to plan a day off.

So that's the haps.