The Scoop
Saturday, 10/22/05 @ 10:50am
I completed my last course of the curriculum with an A+ and the Certificate of Distinction. I actually had 100% in the whole class. I aced the final quiz and the essay. The instructor commented that I was the only person to score 100% on the final, but she had 5 more essays to grade. Anyway, the year-long curriculum is done. Now I am working on the self-paced workshops. I am rewriting my resume in order to go out and look for work in November. I still have the eight week review course to take in January/February and sit for the certification exam in March.

The vacation was interesting. The Wife and I took an eleven hour train ride to WIlliamsburg Virginia. We have decided not to do that again unless we are in business class or some kind of sleeper-cabin-like-room-thingy. Williamsburg was quite interesting for me because I am really hooked on how our country was once a great republic. We also saw Yorktown and Jamestown. The Wife preferred Jamestown.

We also took a vacation from our vacation. We drove a tad over three hours to Maryland to visit Katie, Greg, and the kids. Despite what people might think about the ease of a stay-at-home-mom's day, we can assure you that caring for a house, five children, and a working husband is more than a full-time job. It's one job Katie appears to understand and manage. At times with ease, at times with patience, and at other times, well, I just don't know how she does it sometimes. Katie, we were highly impressed and can see the love you put into it all.

The drive back to Williamsburg was uneventful and seemed to go faster. For some reason I completely lost my equilibrium when we stopped to pick up some food to take back to our room at the resort. I was basically flat on my back for several hours. The Wife had to go out and get me some Bonine for it.

The train ride back took an hour longer than anticipated because the tracks were flooded with 4 feet of water in Providence. The result was the train stopped in New Haven, Connecticut, dropped off all passengers, and provided bus transportation to everybody's train station destination. So that was the vacation.

I know I have been really lax on posting to the site, and that might continue for a while. I'm just not getting into it like I used to. I know it doesn't take but several seconds to check and see if there has been an update, but just thought I'd warn you that I have no clue when I'll be updating on a regular basis.

With that said, I hope everybody has a great weekend.

No School, Just Vacation
Wednesday, 10/07/05 @ 7:05pm
I know, I know. You all are probably wondering why I haven't been updating the site recently. Well, I've been cramming to complete my class work before vacation. As a matter of fact, I have completed the entire curriculum. That's right, it's been a year since I started with AIPS. Now I get to graduate, do some independent study work, maybe take Criminal Law in November, then take the review course January/February, so that I can sit for the certification exam in March. Oh yeah, and I have to find a job now too.

Anyway, as I said school's done, I'm just waiting for my grade for this last class. In the meantime, The Wife and I are taking a train tomorrow to Williamsburg, Virginia for a vacation. The train should be interesting as we have never traveled this distance by train before. It is scheduled to take 11 hours. And yes, we are going to be visiting with Katie, Greg, and the kids in Maryland midweek. So, until we return home there will be no further updates here.