Say Goodbye To 2004
Friday, 12/31/04 @ 12:40pm

Have a safe and enjoyable day and evening!

A Long Overdue Update
Sunday, 12/26/04 @ 5:00pm
I took the time away from EverQuest II today to update the site.

As is true with most updates, the Journal has finally been archived and here we are starting fresh. As I mentioned the Birthdays on the Recordings page are "no more". I have removed them.

The day before Christmas, I received a great late birthday present from my brother. A CD of some music he and I created back in 1983. I have placed 4 of these pieces on the Recordings page. Additionally, he met up with a person we hadn't seen in years. This individual took many pictures of many performances we were in, and just happened to have some that this music was written for. I have placed 6 of these images on the Images page. This was a huge treat for me to hear and see. Many memories were brought to the front of my mind. I loved that performance phase of my life.

Enjoy the update.

M E R R Y    C H R I S T M A S
Saturday, 12/25/04 @ 12:50pm
Wishes of peace and love for all from The Wife, Dustie the Cat, and I.

Enjoy the eggnog!

Friday, 12/24/04 @ 9:35am
A big Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, 12/17/04 @ 11:00am
It's a Friday picture! The big burly man picking a fight with the obnoxious dwarf. "Put 'em up!" Reminds me of a scene in The Wizard of Oz.

Have a great weekend!

One Week Later
Thursday, 12/09/04 @ 11:50am
No updates have been made to this site in over a week. However, I thought I'd post a quick note here.

First, I have decided to no longer maintain the Birthdays on the Recordings page as nobody said there was an interest. I was thinking there is no need to take the time to do such if it's not of interest.

Second, Dustie the Cat is back home after 3 days in the hospital. We are hoping she eats something or she needs to go back within the next couple of days. She would then be given either an appetite stimulant or have a tube installed into her throat for feedings manually by us. I would certainly like to try the stimulant first. I think she is still just really sore from being poked and proded for the past three days. She has spelt most the time she has been home, has purred when sat with and petted, and has has a bit of water and urinated. These are all promising signs. We just would really love to see her eat something.

Third, it appears I managed to get the highest grade in my last class, Employment Law. Um, and the Certificate of Distinction too. That's three down, all highest grades, and nine to go. I'm hoping to keep this momentum up. Now, I am studying two self-paced workshops, Ethics and Writing. Next month classes start again with Legal Writing.

Fourth, Holiday shopping is almost complete. We hope to be done this weekend. Holiday cards are being completed this week too.

Fifth, and finally, my character in EverQuest II should be a level 25 Illusionist later today. Also a level 19 Scholar. I need to get to level 20 to become a Sage.

So, that's that. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the kitty illness, schoolwork, and gaming, I will more than likely have irregular postings throughout the month.

Have a good one!

Time Flies
Thursday, 12/02/04 @ 2:40pm
With all the reading, writing, studying, and gaming I have been doing, I just haven't had any interest in posting and the time has flown right by.

I decided I'd give a very brief update to how things are going in the household.

  • I am done with classes (finished the final essay minutes ago);
  • I have only 3 self-paced courses for the month of December;
  • The Wife applied for a new job within her company (they are considering her for an even higher position than she applied);
  • Dustie the Cat still has her kitty arthritis and we need to check with her doc again on what options there are;
  • Holiday shopping is almost complete;
  • And, it's time to log back into EverQuest II.