’Tis The Season
Tuesday, 12/26/06 @ 1:30pm
Yes, it has been exactly two months since the last posting here. For no other reason than to be consistent with last year, I did not post in the month of November. So, here is what has been going on around here...

I haven't taken any images off of my digital camera since living in the other house, so I have these two of the hive I had to mow around just two days before we moved:

They were some kind of all black wasp I have never seen before. Anyway, I cautiously mowed around them, and they left me alone. A couple days later we moved. Here is a picture of Steve and I under the back deck (Steve provided a truck and helped us move):

There's nothing like a cold refreshing beer with a friend on moving day!

The month of November saw us entertaining a house full for the first time as home owners. We had tons of food and drink and family and friends. It was great to see Greg, Katie, and their five kids. Both The Wife and I were so happy they drove out from Maryland (such a long trip for not even a 24 hour stay). The wife decided she needed to take this picture after they had arrived:

The party was great fun. However, for some reason the new Maytag refrigerator appeared to have blown it's circuit board. I called the company for service. At first they told me they didn't have service in our area and that I would have to contact an authorized service company. Talking with the company Maytag referred me revealed that the problem was the circuit board and that it might take a few days to repair. However, we had lots of leftovers from the house warming party quickly warming up. Not satisfied with the result, I called Maytag back, and then was told they do have service in our area. I told them the problem was the circuit board and to please make sure there was one on the truck when they came the next morning. The next morning arrived and the technician looked at the fridge and said, looks like the circuit board blew. I told him I knew that and that's why I asked to make sure he had one when he came out for the call. He told me he didn't have one, and then explained how this circuit board was flawed and this was a known and common occurrence. He looked up the part and found that it was on back order. I complained, but there was little he could do so I contacted customer service at Maytag again. Without getting into too many details of my phone conversations, let me just say that the technician who showed up to finally fix the fridge was impressed at how I managed to get the needed part, which was on backorder, to be shipped and in his hand in time to install it the next morning before 9am. Basically it took about 5 hours of phone calls, talking with six different Maytag representatives (including supervisors of supervisors), many threats of bad publicity, possible legal action (including locating others with a similar experience for a class action lawsuit), and finally contacting the Vice President of Consumer Relations at the corporate office and explaining the entire ordeal, including the fact that one of the supervisors blatantly lied to me. The VP of Consumer Relations was very apologetic and gave me her direct line to call the next morning if the problem was not resolved to my satisfaction. It was.

Later in the month, I took some pictures of the house with my lawn coming up. You can see those in the Images gallery. The main image of the House Building page is one of those, but there are a couple more in the Landscape section as well. Even further into the month of November, The Wife and I had a nice quiet feast in our new home for Thanksgiving. Then, just three days later I turned 45.

December rolled around and my wishes to get the Basement finished started to come to fruition. There is a new section on the House Building page called Improvements. If you check it out, you will see that I learned how to frame a wall. I have enclosed the utility section of the basement. It even has sheet rock on it now, but those pictures haven't been downloaded from the camera yet, so that will be for my next post. This all took place about 2 weeks ago.

The work on the basement has stopped for both the holidays and because I have a pinched nerve. The pinched nerve is in my neck and is causing severe pain to travel down my left arm into my fingers. I have visited a chiropractor twice, but he is on vacation for this week, so I cannot see him again until after New Years.

The Wife and I had a quiet Christmas, which we celebrated on Christmas Eve because she worked on Christmas Day. Trust me, it's a good thing for her to work on that holiday. She gets paid triple time, so it's a tad over a half a weeks pay for one day's work. Anyway, we had a Christmas Goose for dinner. Our first time eating goose. It was good, but very greasy and very expensive. I'm not sure if we will be doing that again. Turkey just seems like a better value and is healthier.

2007 is quickly approaching and we both are hoping for good things to come with the New Year. Both in our personal lives and business lives. In case I don't post again before New Years, please take our best wishes for you and yours for the upcoming year. May your dreams come true for 2007, and your lives be filled with peace and love.