15 Jazz Street - 2:55
  Acerima - 1:57
  A New Era - 4:59
  Blue Truck - 2:32
  Dusk - 4:16
  Faucet - 1:54
  For Us - 3:13
  Freeway Drivin' 2:02
  Fuzzy 1:33
  Halloween - 1:54
  Jazzy 2:00
  Ode - 1:26
  PDa7 - 2:37
  Piano - 2:24
  Piano (XG) 2:50
  Skeletons - 1:39
  Squeaky Clean - 0:45
  Techie - 2:42
  Try It - 1:44

Some Dances 1983
(written and performed by
my brother and I)

  Interlude #1 - 3:07
  Interlude #2 - 2:46
  Interlude #3 - 2:57
  Some Dances Piece #2 - 4:18


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Muy Rojo

Chipping Away The Fat

The following two recordings are by Jasun Martz, an American record producer, composer, musician, fine artist, creative director and sculptor. Released in 1978, The Pillory is the critically acclaimed avant-garde/ contemporary classical symphony by Jasun Martz and The Neoteric Orchestra.

For more information about Jasun Martz, please visit his web site at http://www.jasunmartz.com

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The Pillory (mp3)

The Pillory (m4a)

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