New Words (2004)
One Child's Dream
A Day In Spring

A Passing Dementia
(1985 - 1990)
-untitled- 1
I Can't Understand It
The End
Skeletons Dance
False Pretense
Love Is In A Memory
Keep This Sky Blue
-untitled- 2
Now And Then
-untitled- 3
-untitled- 4

Some Crime (1984)
Some Crime
Conspiracy Part Two


Here you will find writings which come from that place deep in back of a person's mind. The place where one finds love, inspiration, desire, fear, hatred, disgust, passion, sympathy, empathy, greed, peace, frustration, anger, contentment, and more descriptors of the soupy mix that makes up human emotions.

New Words
This is the beginning of some new words from me. I have no idea if I'll be inspired enough to continue to write, only time will tell.

One Child's Dream hit me as I sat down at my computer. I just kept seeing different colors in my mind. And how they have a significant meaning to people. I thought about where those meanings might have originated. My conclusions were that they originated from a child's dreams. I remember as a child how my dreams seemed to emphasize color depending on the emotion. Emotional imagery of fancy, joy, flight, panic, thrills, falling, and many more. With that said, I hope you enjoy this colorful dream of one child.

A Day In Spring, is the first piece I have written in ages. Just a quick little number that came to me while standing on the balcony with Dustie the Cat. She just loves standing on the balcony looking at the critters above and below. So, this is for her.

A Passing Dementia
(writings from 1985-1990)
The initial 17 writings are from my past, between the years 1985 and 1990. They are listed on the left in chronological order.

Some Crime
These three pieces are lyrics from my college graduation special project performance. I wrote, choreographed, designed, and directed this 45 minute show. It had 10 pieces that told a story through the use of audio tape, video tape, costumes, set designs, dance, music, and song.